gecacG-ECAC Alpha A120T 2-seat aircraft

G-ECAC Weight & Balance

Complete the fields below to calculate the total aircraft weight and moment.
Two values are given: that with the fuel on board, and that with no fuel.
Good practice states that you should perform these calculations to ensure the aircraft remains within limits at the end of your flight as well as at the start.
Please note the definitive reference to use for Weight & Balance calculations is the aircraft manual and latest official aircraft weigh data. Anglian Flight Centres can not be held responsible for the accuracy of the information presented here, although this has been checked.
Data used for this page originates from aircraft weighing report dated 4th October 2007.


Check the calculated results against the loading graph at the bottom of this page (shown after you click ‘calculate’) to ensure you are within the CofG envelope for your planned type of flight. Alternatively, download the printable W&B graph to plot manually. Text highlighted in red indicates a warning.

Item Value Arm(m)
Aircraft basic weight  (kg)
Pilot weight (kg)
Co-pilot weight (kg)
Actual Fuel on board(max: 120 litres)*Note 1 (litres)
Luggage weight(max: 35 kg) (kg)
Calculated Results Take-off Values Zero Fuel Values
Total Weight(MAUW: 800 kg)  (kg)  (kg)
Total Arm    (m)  (m)
Total Moment    (  (