Interview with John Fitch

One of our student pilots, John, tells us a little bit more about his PPL experience so far!

When and why did you start your PPL?

I started back in May of 2019 but it wasn’t actually planned, I woke up one morning and just felt my life was missing some excitement and I needed a good challenge. I had always loved the idea of learning to fly but until then was not in the position to do so and just thought “why not”. I drove over to the airfield in the view of finding out details but upon arrival I was greeted by a young chap called James Archer and a fellow pilot who were about to go check over an aircraft. We started chatting and was invited to go look with them. Long story short around 30 mins later I was sitting in the aircraft as they kindly talked me through everything, it was fascinating and it was at this point I asked the cheeky question, was there a chance of a flight!? By pure luck an aircraft was available and Malcolm was free as well and he kindly took me up for a local flight. The rest was history as I was hooked from that point onwards!

You recently completed your first solo flight – congratulations! How would you describe the experience?

Ah thank you, I knew the time was due as I’d been working on my circuits for a while but on the day I wasn’t sure if it was going to go ahead and Darren just surprised me with it. We had been around on 3 circuits and on the 3rd Darren said to do a full stop and as I taxied down from 06 I asked if I was heading to the stands and the reply was “nope you’re going again but I’m jumping out….” I won’t mention the word I said after that but lets just say I was very excited. I knew from chatting with other students/ qualified pilots that your first solo is one you’ll always remember so I wanted to make sure it was a good one so got myself composed and away I went… and yep they were right as wow what an amazing experience – one I will remember forever. I absolutely loved it. Pretty smooth landing if I don’t mind saying so myself too!

What do you enjoy most about your lessons?

I enjoy that every lesson is different. You may be doing the same exercise as the week before but there are changes every time you fly be it weather, cross winds, traffic, visibility, the list goes on but I just love this, the experience you gain from it and the great advice from your instructor.

What’s the first trip you want to take when you get your licence? 

As a child almost religiously every single year on my birthday I visited Duxford with my parents. I remember watching in awe as these amazing pilots took to the air and always dreamed to do the same one day. Although not a long flight from Earls Colne I know it’s the one I really want to do first! To finally fulfil my childhood dream.


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