First solo flight with Matthew Pike

We caught up with one of our student pilots, Matthew Pike, who recently completed his first solo flight.

1. Tell us a bit about how / why you got into aviation.

I first had a trial lesson gifted to me for my 14th birthday by my parents. After about an hour and a half of persuasion I finally made it up in the air… and that was it, the seed was sown, but unfortunately it wasn’t financially viable for me to continue. The story about how I got back into aviation is a little bit more obscure. On a night out, a friend introduced me to someone who has a pilots licence and I agreed to go on a trip to Le Touquet with this guy who I had known for about 4 hours, none of which were sober! Several weeks later, we flew to Le Touquet for some lunch and the buzz came back. So the second I finished my Degree, I picked up lessons again… only this time to my own expense!

2. Sum up your experience so far in 3 words.

Rewarding, Thrilling, and most importantly Fun.

3. How would you describe your first solo flight?

I was really nervous to start with, and had a few croaky radio calls from my mouth going very dry all of a sudden! But the second I was lined up on the runway, everything I have been taught took over and the nerves went the second I applied full power. There was an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when I made it back down safely!

4. What would be your dream place to fly to?

Barra Island in Scotland! I would also love to do some island hopping around the Caribbean!

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