You can purchase your checklist for any of our aircraft below – the link to download the file will be returned to you via email so you can print to your required size and format.

Our checklists incorporate not just the basics from the Flight Manual, but also best practice in general.

Consequently, we regularly update our checklists in line with emerging best practices, procedures, legislation and feedback.

Our checklists are version controlled. The table below shows the current version number of each checklist available to download, along with the date that version became available.

Checklist Version Release Date
Cessna F172M G-ECAK 2.7 3rd Jan 2024
Robin HR200 Alpha A120T 6.9 3rd Jan 2024
Harvard IIA G-TSIX 1.14 3rd Jan 2024
Slingsby Firefly T67M260 1.3 3rd Jan 2024