3nm SE of Halstead (N51:54.817 E000:40.900)
227ft AMSL

Flight Simulator

Sharpen up your skills without leaving the ground.

Our simulator is a perfect tool for practicing IMC and night flying. Or if you fancy just going for a simulated flight on those nasty real life “no flying days”, then this is the ideal thing for you.

Do you fancy a take off or landing at another airfield?? The simulator has all UK airfields and airports available to choose from.

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I was not sure if I had what it takes to do the IMC rating, but after having a trail lesson on the simulator I could instantly see the benefit of being able to fly IFR and that it would not be too difficult to obtain. The simulator will also be good for me to come and practice on my own and get my abilities fine tuned for when I actually get to go flying

Martin Hastings – Essex