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For Students

To save you looking around, here’s a useful collection of documents that will help in your PPL studies and applications (some documents also useful for PPL’s adding licence ratings, and licence/CofE renewals too!).



Stansted/Luton Airspace VRP’s and useful information
This document (from the CAA) contains some really useful information on identifying occasions and VRP’s around Stansted and Luton in order to avoid airspace infringements. It also includes GPS co-ordinates to use!

UK Airspace classification poster
The current poster explaining UK airspace A-G, IFR, VFR and VMC minima, including separation services provided by controlling authorities


Decode sheet for TAF/METAR

GetMet 2009
Here for you to save searching for it on the net – all the info you need from the Met Office on hoe to obtain weather!

Flight Plans

Flight Plan Form
Official Flight Plan form.  There is a new system in place called AFPEx, meaning flight plans can no longer be faxed to FBU Heathrow.  Pilots can easily set up a free account in order to submit their own flight plans.  Note that “place names” as reporting points can no longer be used on flight plans unless they are “official” VRP’s. e.g. Cap-gis-nez cannot be used. Instead, reference must be made to known aids. e.g. DVR156020 meaning DVR radial 156 degrees, 20 DME.

In addition, you should also note that it is only the UK that stipulates that flight plans need not be closed. In all other cases (e.g. foreign trips) you must ensure the flight plan is closed (especially if you have landed at an uncontrolled airfield or at an airfield where the tower is closed). Failure to do so may result in overdue action being taken by the foreign authority involving search and rescue personnel. If found to be due to your own omission to close the flight plan, you could well be charged for the abortive SAR actions (and it’s expensive!).

Customs & Immigration

General Aviation Declaration Form
The official form to complete when going/returning from foreign or airfields notified for the purposes of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Please note that Customs and Immigration have recently updated their processes and documentation. You should make sure you read all of the documents below in order to fully comply. Note in particular, you must now fax or email the form to two places, and not just the NCU.