General Airfield Information

Earls Colne airfield (EGSR) – The latest information on EGSR is available from the UK AIP Website. You can also view a PDF version of the airfield by clicking here.

Location: 3nm SE of Halstead (N51:54.817 E000:40.900)
Elevation: 227ft AMSL
Hours: Licensed 7 days a week 0900hrs – 1800hrs or SS (winter)
PPR: Essential for noise abatement brief, non radio aircraft accepted by arrangement
Comms: Earls Colne Radio 122.425

For directions by road click here.

Non-pilots please note: It is pointed out that noise abatement procedures cannot legally be made mandatory – it is a voluntary procedure which Earls Colne strongly advises all pilots to adhere to.

Runway Characteristics – Earls Colne EGSR Runway information

Runway TORA(m) TODA(m) ASDA(m) LDA(m) Dimensions(m) Surface Lighting
06 *1 877 877 877 778 939 x 30 *2 Grass/Asphalt Yes *3
24 *1 840 840 840 778 939 x 30 *2 Grass/Asphalt Yes *4

*1 Noise abatement procedures apply
*2 Runway has 778 x 10 asphalt insert
*3 Edge lighting
*4 Edge lighting plus APAPI

Circuit information (Fixed Wing)

Please Read new notes on circuit maps (5.6.17)

Click below for a map of the fixed wing circuit
Standard overhead join, circuits at 1000ft
Runway 24 LH
Runway 06 RH
Note: maps not to scale.

Circuit information (Helicopters)

Helicopters are strictly PPR and should follow the procedure below (associated map here):
Inbound: Proceed along the appropriate helicopter route according to the runway in use (if 24 is in use, approach from the North, if 06 in use, approach from the North-West), giving way to fixed wing aircraft in the circuit pattern. Park as directed.
Departures: From the helicopter parking area depart directly to the North or North-West (depending on runway in use), giving way to fixed wing aircraft in the circuit pattern, and avoiding the marked areas.


Maintenance: Available
Hangerage: None
Parking: Available
Fuel & Oil: AVGAS, W100, W80, S80