3nm SE of Halstead (N51:54.817 E000:40.900)
227ft AMSL


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Price List 1st April 2020 (VAT inclusive)

Trial Flight Prices

30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
Two seat aircraft (Robin HR200) £98.00 £133.00 £157.00
Four seat aircraft (C172) £116.50 £157.00 £188.00
Please note: The 4 seat aircraft allows for the instructor plus a maximum of 3 other people, dependent on weight, balance and performance calculations on the day.


Full Member £152.00 per year
Full Member (Home based) £132.00 per year
Temporary Member £35.00 per month
Full membership is renewable on 1st April.
Download membership form
By signing the membership form, you are agreeing to the rules and regulations contained in the ATO manual available currently at the clubhouse. Full membership is renewable on 1st April – for new members joining at any other time the fee is pro-rata to date joined.

Flying Rates (per hour)

Private hire Instructional rate
Robin HR200/120 £130.00 £152.00
Cessna 172 £170.52 £194.00
Slingsby Firefly T67M260 £250.00 £285.00
Simulator £35.00 £65.00
Instruction only in own aircraft, PPL or IMC Training £50.00
Instructor only in own aircraft, Private based a/c checkouts £50.00
Pre and post flight briefings are included in the instruction rate. IMC and night instruction is charged at the same rate as ab initio instruction.

Test Fees

IMC + LPC (using school aircraft) £85.00
IMC + LPC (using own aircraft) £108.00
PPL Skill Test £192.00
NPPL Skill Test £132.00
PPL Written Exams (each) £55.00

Other Charges

Landing fee (Full Member) £5.65
Landing fee (Non Member) £15.00
Landing fee (Helicopters) £26.55
One to one ground school with Instructor (PPL) £35.00 per hour
One to one ground school with instructor (differences and rating training) £50.00 per hour
Form completion and Licence signing for revalidation (Non Member) £25.00

Harvard Experiences

60 Minute Harvard Experience £300.00
70 Minute Harvard Experience £490.00
80 Minute Harvard Experience £525.00
90 Minute Harvard Experience £630.00
Wartime Airfields Harvard Experience £735.00
RAF Duxford Harvard Experience £850.00
White Cliffs of Dover Harvard Experience £995.00
Aerobatic Add-on £70.00
Landing Fee included in price. All include a 30 minute briefing.

Boeing Stearman Experiences

30 Minute Stearman Experience £250.00
60 Minute Stearman Experience £450.00
Landing Fee included in price.

Warbird Conversions (per hour)

Harvard Conversion (Multiple hours need to be booked) £732.00
Boeing Stearman Conversion £450.00
Cub Conversion/Tailwheel Conversion £195.00
Landing Fee (Full Member) £5.65

Advanced Training (per hour)

Aerobatic Rating (Slingsby Firefly T67M260) £299.00
Landing Fee (Full Member) £5.65

Differences Training (per hour)

Slingsby Firefly T67M260 £299.00 (VP Prop, IFR)
Piper Cub £195.00 (Tailwheel)
DA40 £POA (SLPC, EFIS- G1000)
Landing Fee (Full Member) £5.65