Please see our Gift Vouchers page for Trial Flight information.
Please note:
To comply with regulations, only the student, instructor and one other passenger are allowed in a four seat aircraft for a trial flight.

Trial Flight Prices

30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
Two seat aircraft
 £87.50 £122.50 £146.50
Four seat aircraft
£102.50 £137.50 £176.50


Full Member (Annual) £152.00
Full Member – Home based aircraft (Annual) £132.00
Temporary Member (Monthly) £35.00

Membership forms available here
By signing the membership form, you are agreeing to the rules and regulations contained in the AFC Flight Manual.

Full membership is renewable on 1st April – for new members joining at any other time the fee is pro rata to date joined.

Flying Rates (per hour)

PPL Hire
Robin HR200/120 £122.50 £140.50
Cessna 172 £160.50 £179.50
PA 28 -161 £160.50 £179.50
 –  –  –
Instruction only in own aircraft £45.50
Instructor private based aircraft checkouts £45.50

Pre and post flight briefings are included in the instruction rate.

Test Fees

IMC + LPC (using school aircraft) £80.00
IMC + LPC (using own aircraft) £100.00
PPL Skill Test £162.00
NPPL Sill Test £102.00
PPL Written Exams (each) £27.00

Other Charges

Landing fee (Full Member) £5.65
Landing fee (Non Member) £15.00
Landing fee (Helicopters) £26.55
One to one ground school with Instructor (per hour) £25.00
Fee for issue of the Private Pilot Licence £183.00
Medical Fee (depends on age and ECG requirements – approximately:) £125.00
Apron parking (monthly) £166.00
Grass parking (monthly) £89.99
Form completion and Licence signing for revalidation (Non Member) £25.00