Interview with Mihai Ursan

How did you first get into aviation? 

My first experience in aviation was when I joined the local air cadet squadron at the age of 12. At the start we learned a lot about flying and were introduced to the idea that you can actually become a pilot and fly planes yourself and after that first month or so, the idea of becoming a pilot was constantly lingering at the back of my mind. Unfortunately I was told you have to have 20/20 vision to become a pilot, however I later found out that it wasn’t true and ended up leaving air cadets and searching for a flying school to gain my PPL at. Funnily enough my dad found Earls Colne airfield when he went to buy a lawnmower from somewhere nearby and he said to himself that I would complete my PPL at AFC and that is what ended up happening.


What have you been up to since you got your PPL?

Unfortunately I haven’t been flying much since I got my PPL other than a few check rides to keep current and one flight that I did with my dad. We flew to Ipswich and back and of course I did a few steep turns to show him what I had learnt (and to scare him!). Since then I’ve decided to take a break from civil aviation and pursue my dream career in commercial aviation. 

I applied for a commercial pilot programme with Wizz Air and successfully passed their selection programme. I will begin the programme in May next year and I am looking forward to building upon what I have learned during my PPL, and hopefully implement Darren and Tony’s teaching while I am flying an airbus.


What’s the best piece of flying related advice you have received?

The best piece of advice I can give is to always have multiple and solid plans whether you are flying or not. I have always been told to have a plan B for everything, however I have always exaggerated and made a plan C and a plan D on top of that. I have been in situations where I have had to go down to plan D so never rely on just one or two plans in life or in flying. 


What’s been your most memorable moment so far?

The most memorable moment I have had in aviation was when me and a few other candidates for the Wizz Air programme were sitting at a table after a hard 2 day selection process and we all received the email saying “Congratulations!”. After reading that word we all knew our dream would become reality and just seeing the happiness and joy on everyone’s faces was truly special.


Do you have any goals/ambitions in aviation?

As I have said before, I want to become a commercial airline pilot. However, I don’t want to simply be a pilot, I want to become a training captain for whichever company I end up at and hopefully become the head of training too. I am very passionate about helping others achieve their goals and I think that being a pilot trainer will give me that satisfaction throughout my career. 


Thank you Mihai for taking the time to chat with us, and we wish you all the very best in your future career.