Ella’s Flying Journey

Ella has just started her flying journey with us (at the age of 14!) and has completed 3 hours training so far.


  • What made you want to get your PPL?

It would be great to fly with my Dad and I like the freedom of being able to fly where I want to.

  • Is there anywhere that you are really keen to fly to?

An airfield near Paris.

  • What have you found most interesting / surprising so far?

I like talking on the Radio and understanding how a plane works. The most surprising is how many checks are made before a flight takes place.

  • Would you be interested in a career in aviation or more of a hobby?

Flying will be my hobby, but as I am only 14 at present I will see where this takes me and not rule out a possible career.


We are looking forward to seeing how Ella progresses throughout her PPL. More updates to come!