Interview with Amina Waheed

We recently caught up with Amina, who is progressing extremely well through the PPL course having just completed her first solo.


How did you feel whilst flying solo?

It was a truly thrilling experience! The initial apprehension quickly wore off once I started following procedures and checklists I had practised several times before with my instructor. It felt like the hard work and patience with weather had really paid off, and makes me look forward to obtaining my licence even more.

How did you get into aviation?

I’ve always loved making things fly. Growing up I built radio-controlled planes from scratch and flew them in local parks. Soon after, I joined my university’s Pilots Club on a Duxford flyout in a PA-28. I loved the experience so much I started to think about obtaining my own PPL, and the rest is history!

What do you enjoy most about your lessons?

Lessons are always fun, and I learn something new every time I come to the airfield, even if the weather doesn’t permit us to fly. The club atmosphere is fantastic and I really enjoy getting to know fellow aviation enthusiasts, instructors and the crew at Anglian Flight Centres.

Sum up your experience so far in 3 words.

Exhilirating. Challenging. Rewarding.