Interview with Morgan

Morgan recently passed his skill test here at Anglian Flight Centres. We had a chat with him to see how he found the experience.


1. Why did you get into flying?

It has always been my dream to become a pilot. Like many aspiring pilots, I fell in love with flying and all things aviation from the moment I experienced my first flight as a child going on our family holidays.


2. Sum up your aviation journey so far in 3 words.

Thrilling, Challenging, Rewarding


3. Most memorable moment during your PPL?

This is a tough choice between my very first solo flight or my qualifying cross country. I would actually say my qualifying cross country just wins this, as it brings together all elements of your training and provides a huge confidence boost.


4. Are you planning on getting any further ratings in the future?

Yes, my end goal is to work for the airlines which of course will entail training for many more ratings. For now though, I intend to enjoy the freedom and experience building that a PPL offers and hope to share the experience with family and friends very soon! After flying the fantastic Robins for the entirity of my PPL training, I’m also now currently undergoing some familiarisation training on the Cessna 172.